UV Coater

A defending layer that looks beautiful as well, making the print colours more intense.



About the UV Coater SA-330LA:

The Sa-330LA Ultra Violet flood coater is designed to add that special finish and feel to almost any printed stock. The UV layer also enhances colour intensity and overall appeal.

The SA-330LA coats flat sheet substrates that include photographs, plastic, coated and bond stock, PET, PVC, Canvas and even compact disks.

Apart from the purly aesthetic appeal, the resultant coating defends against spills, finger prints and is extremely wear resistant.


Coating width: A3+ : 330mm.
Rated Voltage: 220v
Power supply: 450w
Ambient teperature: 15-35 degrees
Coating speed: 1m/min
Paper thickness: 0.2-1mm
Liquid consumption: 10ml/sqm
UV light lifetime: 800 hours
Dimensions: A3+ : 640*680*300mm
Net weight: 38kg