Photo Book Binder

Binds Photo Books and
normal soft cover
perfect binds from
business card size up to
A3 and 50mm thick
without adjustment!



About the Product:

The SA-30A and SA-460 are manually operated hot glue binding machines with an electrically driven milling cutter for milling grooves into the book spine for improved binding firmness.

The glue pot is temperature controlled and can be adjusted for different types of glue under various temperature conditions allowing for seasonal changes - thus greatly improving the bind under all possible conditions.

Equipped with the unique heated hardcover groovepressing plank, the machine can produce hardcover books as well as normal soft cover perfect binds. The hot groove pressing device can press grooves as effectively as a groove pressing machine and thus eliminates the need for such additional equipment. The sector optimized adhesive-brushing system is designed for even glue application. “Side-adhesive beads” are formed to ensure that all pages bind properly. Double heaters heat the adhesive quickly and evenly thus avoiding the aging and carbonizing of the glue. An adhesive filtering device avoids blockage of the adhesive pot by impurities. The clamping device is made from a special material for improved clamping. It is suitable for binding sizes from Business card size up to A4 without any adjustment.


Model SA-460

For A3 books.
Max book size: 320×430 mm
Binding thickness: 2 pages up to 50mm
Max book cover thickness: 50 - 400g
Glue heating time:+- 10 min
Net weight: 48 kg