Perfect Binder

The SA 50G delivers consistent and secure  binding at up to 300 books per hour.




The SA-50G is a semi-automated perfectbinding machine developed for a production speed of up to 300 units per hour and aimed at the medium to bigger production environments.

With ease of operation in mind, all controls are situated on a central console with LCD display. After the insertion of loose pages and cover, the binding process is initiated by a single button with no additional operator input required. The clamping and cover scoring pressures are adjustable to ensure a perfect spine every time.
High duty components such as the solar and slotting cutter are manufactured using only the finest quality steels.

Technical Parameters SA-50G:

1. Max binding lenght: 420mm
2. Max binding thickness: 40mm
3. Binding speed: up to 300 books/hour
4. Milling cutter + solar cutter
5. Glue melting time: <25min
6. Weight: 170kg
7. Dimensions: 1350x500x900mm