SA-650 & 380

The versatile,
robust and
laminating solution.



About the Product Range:

Aimed at the medium production environment, the SA-series laminators are ideally suited for litho- and digital print shops, the packaging industry and even offices. These machines offer the perfect solution for creating that personalised high gloss hard cover for the photo book market.

The SA-series of laminators are capable of both hot and cold lamination.

Main features and functions:
Operating temperature is achieved very quickly due to the durable chromium plated steel heat roller which also assists in the even distribution of heat. The heat roller can be engaged/disengaged manually. All SA-series laminators are equipped with a direct current neutral speed switch. The design adopts a proportional temperature controlling device for very accurate temperature control.
The SA-series all have a reverse function and rolling pressure is easily adjustable. The SA-series of Laminatorsare capable of single or doublesided lamination.



Model SA-650

Max laminating width: 615mm
Laminating speed: 1-5m/min
Laminating temp.: 70~130℃
Dimensions: 940×890×1130mm
Weight: 95Kg


Model SA-380

Max laminating width: 365mm
Laminating speed: 1-5m/min
Laminating temp.: 70~130℃
Dimensions: 520x610x480mm
Weight: 39Kg