Hard Case
Cover Maker

Produces hard covers
for those prestigious
coffee table type books,
wedding albums
and photo books


About the Product:

The SA 100K has a central light box to facilitate the accurate alignment of cover material in relation to book spine and covers. This is especially important in cases where books with writing on the spine are bound.

Low pressure vents on the table surface ensure that the printed cover sheet is precisely held in position while the cover is made. This suction also ensures that no bubbles form while adhering the Chipboard
to the printed cover sheet.
The cover, chipboard and central spine board can be adjusted and positioned accurately and the setting can be adjusted to accommodate a board thickness from 0.5mm - 6 mm.

Standard features on the SA 100K are an attached guillotine to trim the cover corners, and a cover fold over attachment to ensure crease free fold overs of the cover material.



Model SA-100K

Operating platform size: A3 Book
Cardboard thickness: 0.5-6mm
Finished cover size: 420 x 297mm
Power supply: 220V/3A
Weight: 26kg
Dimensions: 1110×700×230mm