Creasing Machine
SA 18B; 16B & 12B

Ideal for creasing
Presentation Files,
Invitation Cards,
Name Cards
and Book Covers.



About the Product Range:

The upper and lower creasing moulds are manufactured from high quality alloy which translates to fewer mould changes than machines with the traditional plastic moulds. Alloy moulds further ensure sharper and more distinct creases.
The machine not only creases coated art paper up to 350gsm, but can crease crisp lines in 80gsm photocopy paper as well.
The SA-12 and SA-16 are ideal for creasing indents for files, name cards, photos, invitations, etc. The moulds are interchangeable to allow for creasing indents of different widths.


Model SA-16B

Creasing Length: 526mm
Dimensions: 593 × 553 × 122mm
Weight kg: 15.5Kg
Max paper weight: 450g

Model SA-12B

Creasing Length: 360mm
Dimensions: 593 × 383 × 122mm
Weight kg: 8.8Kg
Max paper weight: 450g


Electric Scoring / Creasing Machine
Model SA 18B

· The Model SA 18B is a multi-functional electric creasing / perforating machine.
· One single scoring wheel plus a double scoring wheel for scoring file gussets.
· Two perforating wheels.
· All perforating and scoring wheels are individually adjustable.
· Machine adjustable for pressure.
· Creasing / scoring speed adjustable.


Max Paper width: 600mm
Max paper weight: 400gsm
Paper feed: manual
Speed: 3600 sheets / hour
Dimensions: 1100 x 960 x 250mm
Weight 62 kg
Power consumption: 90W
Voltage: 220V / 50Hz