Business Card
Cutter SA-700




About the Product:

Digital presses have revolutionised the printing process. It now takes longer to trim the business cards than to print them - unless a business card cutter is available!
The SA-series of card trimmers are designed to accomodate the typical A3+ sheet used by most digital presses in the production of business cards.

Main features and functions:
Card stock is friction fed into the cutter from a feeder tray. Longetudinal cutting is achieved by roller blades, while cross cutting is done by a lateral solid blade. Cutting size is adjustable and the cutter allows for gutters to accomodate designs with bleed. Cutting accuracy is guaranteed by using registration marks on the print that zeroes the cutter on each image.
It thus compensates for the less than perfect registration of most digital presses.
Timming the cards is now as easy as printing them.

Model SA-700

Max paper size: A3+
Max card thickness: 300gsm
Feed: Auto friction
Cutting speed: 100 cards/ 1.5min
Dimensions: 490×570×220mm
Weight: 20Kg